Turnstile Installation

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So why should you do business with Avant-Garde Turnstiles? The answer is simple – turnstiles are what we do. Why trust your turnstile project to a company that only installs turnstile a few times a year? From the design phase to installation and service our services are second to none. From the CEO to our technical staff turnstiles are our focus. When it comes to turnstile installation we stand above the crowd.

Turnstile installationWe provide professional installation services for the following products:

– Full Height Turnstiles
– Full Height Pedestrian Gates
– Half Height Mechanical Turnstiles
– Half Height Optical Turnstiles
– Half Height Pedestrian Gates
– People Counters
– Outdoor Turnstile Shelters
– And More…

The large volume of controlled entry products we sell each year makes us one the most economical choices for the purchase of turnstiles in North America. However, our installation services extend well beyond just installing our own products. We can provide installation services for just about any turnstile related project. You can take advantage of the expertise of our installation teams anywhere in the United States and abroad. In fact our experience coupled with our ability to do installations just about anywhere on earth makes us a go to choice for many larger corporations looking for single source turnstile vendor.

Avant-Garde Turnstiles is proudly a family owned American company. We take a hands on approach to turnstile installation. No project is to small and it’s not uncommon to see our senior management on site turning screws along side some of the best turnstile technicians in the world. To learn more about our our business, our family and our history Click Here.

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