Full Height Turnstiles are an efficient and effective way to control and monitor the flow of people in and out of your facility. Full Height Turnstiles can function as both a stand-alone system or as integrated component of an access control solution. Both methods help you control staffing and security at your facility’s entrances and exits. Avant-Garde Systems delivers turnstile solutions that combine performance, quality and reliability. We have placed full height turnstiles in airports, government agencies, museums, pharmaceutical plants, corporate lobbies, and universities, and more. Our experienced team will work with you to determine what is best for your facility. With our years of excellence and expertise, you can rely on us to design and manage your security system.


Alvarado’s popular turnstile control and monitoring software for our line of optical turnstiles.

Boon Edam Turnlock 100

The Turnlock 100 is an all metal full height turnstile that is extremely suitable for outside use.

Boon Edam Turnlock 200 EL

The Turnlock 200 EL models combine the simple and reliable operation of a full height turnstile with an attractive and transparent design that can serve the aesthetic needs of an indoor environment.

Boon Edam Speedlane Slide

The Speedlane Slide interacts with those who approach it, managing and guiding authorized users through to the secured areas of buildings.

Boon Edam Speedlane Open

Commonly operating in multiples, it acts as a boundary between public and private worlds, guiding users to their destination under the watchful eyes of a security guard.

Boon Edam Speedlane 900

The Speedlane 900 is a versatile optical turnstile that can support staff in ensuring only authorized visitors are allowed to proceed to the secured areas of a building while maintaining a high capacity throughput.

Boon Edam Speedlane 300

The Speedlane 300 is simple and practical optical turnstile, offering a strict level of security with beautiful design.

Boon Edam Swinglane 900

The Swinglane 900 is a high capacity security lane with a single, swinging barrier that can accurately detect that only authorized visitors are allowed to continue on into the building.

Boon Edam Transpalock 900

The Transpalock 900 is a waist high turnstile that combines glass barriers with a stainless steel column and stainless steel accents to create a beautiful eye catcher in your lobby.

Boon Edam Trilock 900

In many high throughput applications, a simple but robust secured entry solution is required to prevent visitors from simply going through into the building.

Boon Edam Trilock 75

The Trilock 75 is the tripod turnstile you need when design and aesthetics are important but you also require a truly robust secured entry solution.

Boon Edam Trilock 50

The Trilock 50 is a basic and simple yet effective means of managing the flow of people. It is robustly built, cost- and space-efficient.

Boon Edam Twinglock 900

When a basic level of security is required in a limited amount of space, the Twinglock 900 access gate can offer a simple and effective security solution.

Boon Edam Winglock Swing

Boon Edam is proud to announce the introduction of our slimmest, single wing access gate in our range.

Boon Edam Trilock Side Gate

The Trilock Side Gate compliments Boon Edam’s tripod turnstile and optical turnstile models to allow access for those with special needs or the passage of dollies or carts.

Boon Edam Turnlock Side Gate

Turnlock Side Gate full height access gate compliments Boon Edam’s full height turnstile models to allow access for those with special needs or the passage of wheelchairs or carts.

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