Alvarado SLT Wasit High Turnstile

The SLT is a three-arm turnstile that provides reliable patron flow control and/or patron counting in a streamlined, compact footprint. This crowd control turnstile is economically priced and is ideal for use in all types of public environments.

Rotations are counted using a magnetic contact rotation detection switch installed inside the turnstile cabinet. The SLT’s magnetic switch will require far less adjustment than the microswitch used in other turnstiles.

Turnstile rotation counts can be output to a digital battery powered counter installed in the turnstile cabinet, to third party devices or to our computerized GateWatch facility counting system, which provides real time and historic counts of entering and exiting patrons.

SLT Product Benefits:

  • One way or bi-directional operation
  • Controls and directs patron traffic
  • Very easy for patrons to move and push through
  • Hydraulically dampened arm rotation
  • Optional patron counting
  • Easy to install and maintain

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