Alvarado Crowd Control Gate GDO

Alvarado’s GDO is a self-closing double gate set that swings in a single direction. The gate provides a 48″ passage width and is often used as an entry point for customers pushing a shopping cart into a grocery or retail facility. This crowd control gate can also be used inside a store or warehouse to provide directional control of carts inside the facility.

GDO gates are often used as a component in a design layout in conjunction with our turnstiles and modular post and railing. These crowd control gates are commonly installed in environments such as supermarkets, home improvement centers, discount stores and warehouse stores.

Solid construction

The GDO gate is designed for use in demanding retail applications. The gate and hinge post are solid welded assemblies, fabricated from steel. The hinge posts have a rugged gravity closure mechanism that closes the gates after opening.

Solid steel strike plates are welded to the front of each gate. When used for directional control of shopping carts, entering patrons push their carts against the strike plate. The plate is covered by noise dampening strips that absorb impact and substantially reduce metal on metal clanging noise.

  • Provide shopping cart and customer access
  • Direct traffic flow
  • Inexpensive and effective way to reduce theft
  • Improve bottom line
  • Integrates with Alvarado turnstiles, posts and railing

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