Alvarado Crowd Control Gate LGB

The LGB is a highly versatile latching gate that opens in one direction, and stays open, until manually closed. The gate has a reversible finger latch that allows field configuration of the gate’s swing direction, and is often installed in conjunction with our turnstiles and modular posts and railing.

LGB crowd control gates are often used to close off or restrict access to private or restricted areas in grocery, convenience and retail stores. Common uses include closing off customer service, liquor and tobacco areas.

Solidly built to stand up to demanding environments

The LGB hinge post and gate are welded assemblies with a bright chrome finish that matches the finish on our chrome turnstiles and modular post and railing.

The gate opens smoothly and stays open until manually closed. The LGB does not have a self-closing mechanism. Upon closing, the latch finger on the gate recesses into the latch, holding the gate into the closed position until the latch is manually released and the user opens the gate. If desired, the LGB can be locked in the closed position through use of a small padlock.

  • Inexpensive way to close off sensitive or restricted areas
  • Can be field configured to swing from the right or left side
  • Integrates with Alvarado turnstiles, posts and railing
  • Can be locked in the closed position using a small padlock

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