Alvarado Crowd Control Turnstile W

The W is a three-arm turnstile that is an excellent choice for installations where space is at a premium. The W turnstile takes up less space than our 4-arm crowd control turnstiles yet still provides a comfortable width for patron passage. The turnstile rotates in one direction in either the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

The W turnstile is often used as part of a store front entry design layout where available installation space is limited. Commonly installed in conjunction with Alvarado’s pedestrian gates and modular post and railing, the turnstile controls the flow of patrons into supermarkets, drug stores, discount stores and other retail establishments. Other locations where W turnstiles are used include cafeterias, amusement parks and health clubs or anywhere crowd control, pedestrian access control or pedestrian flow control is required.

Built for the demands of today’s retail environment

The W crowd control turnstile is built to withstand the demands of today’s retail environment. Alvarado turnstiles are made from solid steel materials with long lasting internal components. It is not uncommon for our turnstiles to see in excess of 20 years of field operation.

Other W turnstile features

The turnstile’s three arm rotating section moves smoothly and silently and requires very minimal hand pressure to move. The turnstile rotates in one direction only, and can be ordered in left hand or right hand operation.

    • Compact footprint allows installation in confined spaces
    • One way operation controls unwanted entry or exit
    • Controls and directs patron traffic
    • Deters shoplifters and reduces theft
    • Very easy for patrons to push and move through
    • Integrates with Alvarado gates, posts and railing
    • With Alvarado gates, can be used in layouts that meet most public accessibility requirements

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