Alvarado CSG and SSG Pedestrian Security Gate

The CSG and SSG are self-closing gates that can be field configured to open either bi-directionally or in a single direction. The gates open easily with minimal force. A reliable, gravity assisted, closure mechanism brings the gate arm back to the home position. Ideal for Grocery Stores, Warehouses, Entertainment facilities, and/or Airports. Both the CSG and SSG are similar in function, and options, differing only in availability as Stainless Steel(SSG) or a bright Chrome finish(CSG)

Configurable swing pattern

The unique design of the CSG and SSG crowd control gates allow field configuration of the swing operation. The gates can be configured to swing 90 degrees in either direction, or configured to operate bi-directionally (180 degree swing).

Solidly built to stand up to demanding environments

The hinge post and gate of the CSG and SSG are solid welded assemblies, fabricated from steel (CSG) or stainless steel (SSG). The CSG has a bright chrome finish that matches the finish on Alvarado retail turnstiles and chrome plated modular posts and railing. The SSG has a satin finish which matches the finish of Alvarado’s stainless steel modular posts and railing.

The gates have a rugged gravity closure mechanism that smoothly closes the gate, whether configured for a single direction, 90 degree, swing pattern, or a bi-directional, 180 degree, swing pattern.

  • Provides orderly customer and shopping cart access
  • Chrome or stainless steel finish to match any environment
  • Inexpensive and highly effective
  • Restricts areas from public

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