Alvarado EDC-BN Waist High Turnstile

Used for bi-directional access control, patron flow control and patron counting, our waist high turnstiles are installed in thousands of locations worldwide. EDC-BN and EDC-EBN turnstiles with bullnose shaped (rounded) cabinets provide an elegant look with superior quality and performance for years of trouble-free operation.

The EDC-BN (bullnose cabinet design) and EDC-EBN (extended bullnose cabinet design) include all the same features as our EDC models, but add a bullnose shaped cabinet for an enhanced appearance. Crafted from high quality components, each model features stainless steel internal components and an adjustable dampener that slows and cushions the turnstile rotation and self-centers the arms to the home position.  Fully welded rotating arm assemblies and no visible bolts or fasteners provide added security, aesthetics and reliability.

The EDC-EBN model includes an extended length cabinet for additional mounting space and longer rotating arms to create a wider passageway.

  • Bullnose shaped cabinet for more aesthetic appearance
  • Stainless steel internal components
  • Smooth turnstile arm rotation with automatic self-centering
  • Field configurable for single direction or bi-directional operation
  • No exposed bolts or fasteners
  • Electric lock control and manual models
  • Smooth, automatically self-centering rotation
  • Rugged controller integrates with any access control system (electric models)
  • Fail-safe or fail lock operation (electric models)
  • Suitable for counting applications (both versions)
  • Low maintenance

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