The GateKeeper

GateKeeper is Alvarado’s popular turnstile control and monitoring software for our line of optical turnstiles. This web-based application can be accessed from multiple devices including desktops, tablets, mobile devices and integrated touch screen. This powerful tool provides an effective and efficient way to remotely manage installed turnstiles. GateKeeper is very flexible, making it equally suited for large and small facilities.

Alvarado GateKeeper Product Data Sheet

Secured Entry Control Applications

Manage your Alvarado optical turnstiles in real-time

GateKeeper is not designed to take the place of an access control system. It allows control of virtually all day-to-day operational functions, including designating a passage lane as entry or exit, opening or closing a lane and allowing passage overrides. GateKeeper also provides immediate visual notification of alarm conditions – identifying the turnstile, the time of alarm and the alarm condition. GateKeeper also includes an Event Scheduler which allows automation of turnstile configuration changes. Intuitive templates are provided to automate the changing of turnstile states (e.g., turn all turnstiles to free exit at 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday; close turnstiles 2 and 4 on weekends and holidays).

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