The Safe Checkpoint Tower

Flexible modular health check for entrances

To confront today’s new challenges to manage entrances for the health and safety of all occupants, the SafeTower is a solution that turns automated entrances into automated physical checkpoints to implement prevention and containment measures.

The modular approach covers various types of entrance situations and allows for easy integration of various technologies and applications in one standalone unit that can be easily added wherever and whenever needed on a pedestal or retrofitted permanently on finished floors.

The Modular System

The Safe Checkpoint Towers comes with four optional functionalities to choose from:

Hand sanitizer dispenser

  • Automatic activation via proximity sensor
  • Power 4 x C Batteries (AC power option)
  • Capacity 1000ml
  • Suitable sanitizers: quick dry liquids, e.g. ethanol based
  • Dosage 0.8 – 1ml
  • Removable HDPE container and dosing head for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Wireless activation signal output option, with 24V wireless receiver compatible with most conventional automated entrances
  • Wireless range of up to 10m in the open

Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) check

  • Elevated body temperature detection:
  • Measurement deviation of +0.3*C
  • Measurement distance of 30 – 50cm
  • Operational environment: 20-30*C indoors, free from direct thermal influences such as sunlight, fan, climate control, etc.
  • Temperature evaluation speed: < 3 sec

Face Mask detection

  • Mask detection and face positioning for temperature detection via high resolution CMOS sensor camera
  • Mask detection using Al facial recognition algorithm

Crowd prevention

  • Real time capture of occupancy to prevent over-crowding as well as demand-based resource deployment
  • High Density Time-of-Flight Technology (TOF) for highly accurate > 95% people counting accuracy

The Flexibility

The Safe Checkpoint Tower can be easily added to existing automated entrances and security barriers/gates, either as wireless battery-operated unit with minimum basic functions or for full functionality with AC power supply.

  • Ergonomic design for ease of sanitizing both hands simultaneously, and at the right height, also for the displays
  • Slim aluminum core post design based on dormakaba structural engineering for aesthetics and rigidity
  • Basic dispenser holds up to 1L of quick-dry sanitizer.
  • Dispenser can release and activate entrance wirelessly
  • Optional EBT sensor with display
  • Optional face mask detection
  • Optional counting of passages with limit control
  • Baseplate or Direct Mount
  • Dispenser – AC Power or 4 x C Batteries 
  • Stainless Steel – Indoor/outdoor locations
  • Overall Dimensions: Height: 51.9”(1300mm), Width: 9.5″ (242mm), Depth: 4.8″ (121mm)
  • Height up to 67″ (1700mm) with add ons
  • Optional Baseplate – 15.75″ (400mm) x 15.75″ (400mm)
  • Hardware: 24VDC or PoR
  • Dispenser: 4 x C Batteries (AC power option)
  • Enhanced Control Unit (with Display Option): 240V AC/DC SMPS


1 – Dry Contact Input for Turnstile Activation
2 – Dry Contact for Future Use 

1 – Counting Output. Provides feedback to the access control system that Safe Checkpoint Tower has been activated. 

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty. Avant-Garde Turnstiles extended warranty and preventative maintenance programs are available for this product. 

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