The MST47 full height turnstile includes all the same key features as our standard MST models, but with longer 47″ arms that create a larger passageway. Simply put, no other extended arm turnstile product comes close to the quality and performance of the MST47.

The MST47 extended arm full height maximum security turnstile cuts no corners. Unlike competitive models that use individual parts that must be bolted together during installation, the integral sections of the MST47 are delivered fully welded, creating a solid, secure and structurally sound product. Details matter, especially when manufacturing an extended arm full height security turnstile to stand the test of time.

  • Rotating section has longer 47″ arms
  • Welded steel construction with no exposed bolts or fasteners
  • Stainless steel top channel cover and internal parts
  • High quality sealed and covered bearings
  • Splined connection between the rotating section and  top channel assembly provides a precision fit that minimizes play
  • Rugged electronics with full-featured turnstile controller, conformal coated for enhanced weatherization protection
  • Suitable for outdoor environments
  • Additional options and finishes available
  • Single or bi-directional control
  • Electric lock control and manual versions
  • Independent fail-safe or fail-secure operation
  • Speed control to provide a controlled, safe rotation
  • Automatic self-centering prevents over or under travel of rotating section
  • Built-in override controls
  • Rugged turnstile controller integrates with any access control system
  • Low maintenance

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