Alvarado MSTT Full Height Turnstile

Manual or Electric – 27” Passage Width

The MSTT is the most trusted, secure and reliable full height tandem turnstile available. It is installed in thousands of locations throughout the world and offers key product features and benefits only available from Alvarado. No other full height product comes close to the quality and performance of the MSTT.
  • Integrates with any access control system
  • Provides single user passage control
  • Helps reduce staffing requirements
  • Highly reliable; provides long term continuous use
  • Can be fail safe or fail secure
Common Applications 
  • Perimeter Control/Fence Line Security • Time & Attendance Integration
  • Loss Prevention
  • Employee and Visitor Access Control
  • Unmanned Point of Entry
  • Single Direction Traffic Control/One-Way Exiting 

Typical Installation Sites

  • Military Installations
  • Refineries and Power Distribution Centers Ports
  • Harbors and Airports
  • Construction Sites
  • Correctional Institutions
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Centers 
  • City Parks and Recreation Sites 
  • Sports Parks, Arenas and Stadiums 
  • Zoos and Amusement Parks 

In Stock

  • Galvanized

  • Powder Coated Over Galvanized | New

  • Ships in 1-2 business days!

  • Compact installation footprint
  • Welded steel construction with no exposed bolts or fasteners
  • Stainless steel top channel cover and internal parts
  • High quality sealed and covered bearings
  • Splined connection between the rotating section and  top channel assembly provides a precision fit that minimizes play
  • Full-featured turnstile controller protects against electrical surges and is conformal coated to enhance weatherization protection
  • Suitable for outdoor environments
  • Dozens of options and several finishes available
  • Galvanized, power coated and stainless steel finishes
  • User notification lights to provide status of presented credential (accepted / not accepted)
  • Turnstile open / closed status lights
  • Card reader attachment plates
  • Battery backup
  • Lock arm monitors (provides notification when turnstile is unlocked)
  • Enhanced weatherization protection for demanding environments
  • Padded heel / arm protective sleeves
  • Copper arm sleeves to reduce surface life and transmission of harmful bacteria and viruses

Full Height Barrier Sections

Full height barrier sections are available to fill in open areas around installed tandem full height turnstiles and gates. Learn more in our full height barrier section.

  • Powder Coated Over Rolled Steel – Indoor only locations
  • Galvanized – Indoor/outdoor locations
  • Powder Coated Over Galvanized – Indoor/outdoor locations
  • Stainless Steel – Indoor/outdoor locations
  • Powder Coated Over Stainless Steel – Indoor/outdoor locations


Standard colors pictured below
Customer colors available upon request

Overall Dimensions: Height: 91.4”, Width: 62.4”, Depth: 54.2”

Center of Roto To OV Edge: 31.06”

Center of Roto To Yoke Edge: 30.06”


A 220VAC, 50 – 60 Hz transformer is substituted for the standard 110VAC transformer. 220VAC units bear CE
marking, except for battery backup capability which is not available on CE marked units.

Passage Direction Closed
Passage Direction Open
Good Card (Single Activation)
Bad Card (Used with JS3 Light Option)

Rotational Signal

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty. Avant-Garde Turnstiles warranty and preventative maintenance programs are available for this product. 

Alvarado Turnstile Service Kit / 50-SP-MST
Alvarado Turnstile Spring Kit / 50-MST-S1
SKU: 50-MST-S1
Alvarado Turnstile MST Optical Sensor Kit / 50-04-2058A
SKU: 50-04-2058A
Alvarado Turnstile Control Board Kit / 50-10-7821
SKU: 50-10-7821
Alvarado Turnstile Bottom Bearing Kit / 50-MST-BB
Alvarado Turnstile Top Bearing Kit / 50-11-4010P
SKU: 50-11-4010P
Alvarado Turnstile Lock Arm, Bolt & Bearing Kit / 50-MST-BK
Alvarado Turnstile Encoder Wheel Kit / 50-04-2078
SKU: 50-04-2078
Alvarado Turnstile 12 Volt Solenoid Kit / 50-10-1070
SKU: 50-10-1070
Alvarado Turnstile Governor Kit / 50-04-1696
SKU: 50-04-1696
Split Base Cover for Lower Bearing, #4 Satin, Stainless Steel / 04-1384
SKU: 04-1384
MST Arm Cap Kit, Black / 50-11-9210
SKU: 50-11-9210
MST Arm Cap Kit, Gray / 50-91-9200
SKU: 50-91-9200

This area can be a bit difficult to clean.  There are two different ways of achieving this. This would be for indoor locations.  #1 – A small broom that you can fit through the bars of the OV (center section).  #2 – use a push broom/dust mop to go from underneath.  For outdoor locations, use either broom, air blower, garden hose.

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