Smarter Security Door Detective CL

Door Detective CL is a doorway-mounted tailgate detection and direction control system that further secures an access-controlled door.

Secure door challenge
Few people are comfortable shutting the door on people following behind them, yet employees and tenants are burdened with that decision every day. Door Detective places security enforcement back where it belongs – with your access control system and security personnel. It’s like having a guard at any door.

Advanced intelligence
Door Detective utilizes a network of beam paths to make intelligent alarm decisions about traffic through an open door. Real-time annunciation aids access control anti-passback policy enforcement – allowing event alarms to be activated upon unauthorized entry, rather than exit.

Door Detective better protects employees and valuable assets by enhancing the security of any access-controlled door and maximizing the security investment. When access is granted, one person can pass through the doorway in the approved direction without alarm. Door Detective monitors how many people pass and in which direction for each valid authorization, and sounds an alarm if there is a violation. An optional secondary relay can also activate subsequent actions such as triggering CCTV or locking doors. Door Detective should be considered for any interior area where an intruder could slip through unnoticed.

 Height: 26.2” (665 mm)
 Width: 2.8” (71 mm)
 Depth: 4” (101 mm)
 Diameter of Tube: 2.76” (70 mm)

Input Voltage: 12 V DC (11.9-14 V)
Input Current: 1.25 A nom, (1 A max)

 Entry request (normally open closing for 1 second)
 Exit request (normally open closing for 1 second)
 Visitor access in & out (normally open momentary closing contact)
 Door Sensor (normally closed)

 Alarm (normally closed opening for 1 second)
 Reader Hold (normally open)
 Lock Output 12 V @ 0.5 A nom (1 A max)
 Entry Monitor (normally closed for 1 second)
 Exit Monitor (normally closed opening for 1 second)

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty. Avant-Garde Turnstiles warranty and preventative maintenance programs are available for this product.

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