Alvarado VSG Pedestrian Security Gate

The VSG is a self-closing, pedestrian gate that is an ideal companion to our waist high and optical turnstiles. The VSG pedestrian gate opens in a single direction, providing a wide opening for patron passage and delivery access. The gate is available in an electric lock control version to integrate easily with access control systems or allow activation by devices such as a push button installed at a guard desk. A non-locking version is also available.

The VSG waist high pedestrian gate is another high quality product from Alvarado. The gate provides a wide opening width and comes with a kick plate as required by many building codes. The pedestrian gate ships pre-framed and fully assembled, making installation quick and easy. Unlike one off fabricated solutions, the VSG is an engineered product that meets most building code requirements for disabled access (always check your local requirements). The high quality brushed finish can be ordered with either infill bars or a clear acrylic panel.

The self-closing VSG waist high pedestrian gate provides operational flexibility for your application. Although gates are not generally recommended for use as the primary entry device, the robust VSG pedestrian gate is an ideal companion to our waist high and optical turnstiles to allow special needs or delivery access. The gate can be unlocked through integration with an access control system or through use of a push button or similar device. The non-locking version provides excellent pedestrian flow control. Railing outlets can be added to either the hinge post or latch post to accept Alvarado’s standard sized railing.

Integrating an electric locking version of the VSG security gate into your facility is quick and easy. The VSG pedestrian gate integrates easily with access control systems and can be activated by push buttons or similar devices. Upon loss of power, the standard magnetic locking VSG model is fail-safe to provide free egress.

The VSG waist high pedestrian gate features an adjustable hydraulic dampener that controls the opening and closing speed for added safety. Upon loss of power the magnetic lock on the electric version automatically unlocks to provide free egress.

Handicap Gate

Key Features:

  • Adjustable hydraulic closure
  • Kick plate for wheelchairs
  • Single direction operation
  • Non-locking and electric lock control models
  • Infill bars or acrylic panel
  • Quality fabrication and finish
  • Locking and non-locking options available
  • Simplified integration to access control systems
  • Activation via push button or similar device
  • No output for force open/breakaway
  • Free egress upon power loss
  • Smooth movement of gate assembly
  • Minimal force required to open
  • Simple integration with fire systems
  • Wide passage opening

Added Benefits:

  • Wider passage provides accessibility
  • Complements other Alvarado products
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Flexible operation
  • Intuitive for attendants and users
  • Gate closes smoothly without banging
  • Can be used with existing card readers (electric versions)

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