Turnstile Rentals

If you have a temporary need for turnstiles for a special event Avant-Garde Turnstiles can help.

Renting turnstiles is a good decision when you are having a temporary need for them for an event.  Temporary outdoor events have often rent turnstiles include music festivals, concerts in parks, county and state fairs, and other large outdoor events.  In addition to outdoor events, sometimes event spaces such as stadiums and amusement parks need to temporarily add additional turnstiles to what they normally already have.  This is common when they are expecting a larger than normal crowd.

The turnstiles help with managing the flow of people, making it harder for people to sneak into the event and helps to get an accurate count of attendance.

We have a wide variety of turnstiles available for rental.  Call us at 888-552-9046 today.

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